Friday, October 15, 2004

Bush vs. Kerry

Hi, last night was the last presidential debate. I didn't watch it
because I was out doing Tai Chi. I was nervous about it though. I
thought I'd want to watch the tape of it (because I anxiously watched
the other 2, and the vice-presidential debate), but I didn't. I think I
was driven to watch the others by fear. If Kerry blew it, I wanted to
see it. Now, knowing that he didn't blow it, I have no desire to watch
the actual content.

I guess that's a sad comment about our democracy, huh? In talking with
my mom last night about the Nader candidacy this year, I was remembering
my feelings about the election of Bush in 2000. My thought was that
under Bush a lot of the corporate-govt. links would become more obvious
to the public. I guess I didn't believe in the power of fox news and the
administration to spin and deny. In the end, I think corporate power did
become more obvious... to half of the population. And that's a big
reason that "this country is so divided right now".

Yeah, Though I was a Nader supporter in 2000, I'm going for the lesser
evil this year. I guess that just means that I really recognize Bush as
a "Greater Evil" in 2004, whereas in 2000, after the florida stuff, he
just seemed like a hamstrung minor demon.

it's funny to be lead by fear.


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