Monday, October 25, 2004


i finished my canvassing today. I don't really know if it was worth it.
the goal was to get Kerry-leaning voters who might not vote to get out
to vote on the 2nd. Everyone I talked to seemed like they were going to
vote whether or not I asked them to. many people said, they didn't want
a reminder phone call, because they were sure to vote. I only had one
undecided, and i didn't really budge him (not that i tried too hard). I
also only had 1 W supporter. yay for U. City.

it was nice to be out in the neighborhood, but cold-calling (or
knocking) is something I'm really bad at. I guess it's good to do things
that make me uncomfortable every once in a while. good practice for ...
who knows? but it felt like good practice for something.

it took me a while before i was comfortable bringing up my political
views to strangers. how odd that is. I wasn't always like this.


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