Friday, October 22, 2004

growing up racial homepage


so i've been tinkering with the GUR webpage for a the last couple weeks, and I've asked a lot of friends for advice. At first I felt really beholden to take that advice (because I was clearly too close to the effort to see clearly), but now, as more advice is coming in, i'm noticing how conflicting it is. What does that mean? IT MEANS I DECIDE FOR MYSELF. it's sad that this simple logic escapes me sometimes. i really wonder where this doubt of my own agency comes from.

just to nail this point down. the advice i've recived so far.

Friend 1 (intermittent back and forth): good title font, then he suggested the current link font. no on the dark page background, yes on the background to the pictures. yes on the wavy lines. strong main image. no on the images on the right, just (white) text.

Friend 2: getting close. no on both fonts. suggestion: arial. more simple (no gradients, no textures, no boxes, clean.), no on the maroon (it's queen of england), yes on image shape, suggested zoom on figures, white page background. make the link-copy indent to form the shape of the figures.

Friend 3: beige and color scheme is good. yes on the movie camera. yes to the cartoon character/humor (less on the psychological violence), maybe the background use a map motif?

Friend 4: liked it. liked the colors.

Friend 5: (commented on the first iteration) liked it. felt: alienation, fear, anonymous anger, sadness, moodiness.

Friend 6: (many discussions on most elements). current disposition: shift the link text to the right. re-align the camera icon.


which advice to take? the repeated criticisms and the criticism that resounds with me. So far - simplified the right hand side, changed fonts.

once again, my depiction goals are: childhood/grade school, racial tension, retrospection, video.

Thus - At this point I don't think I'm going to change it too much. I'll let it sit for another week as is, see if digesting it changes anything. then i'll start fleshing out the content. Thoughts: I may change the page background color to a lighter off-white. I have to think about how much "psychological violence" I want to come through.


Blogger aaron said...

more feedback:

person 6: background too dark, maybe put a sky or buildings or a school?

person 7: beige background works best, but is too busy. recommends simpler and more streamlined maybe the school idea (contextual environment)? loves the faces.

person 8: images are stimulating, maybe not red, as it is a gang-associated color. liked the design as a whole.

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