Monday, October 04, 2004


something else I forgot to mention was that i checked the U City Public Library for listings of the 30 minute version of Growing Up Racial. It didn't come up, which is curious. I'll check for it physically next time I'm there. I've been avoiding doing that because I didn't really like that version all that much. If they didn't get it for whatever reason I'm not sure how I'll feel about it. Kinda relieved, but also...

After I got the first "insufficiently reasoned" "rejection" letter from CALOP (which they retracted after my protest), I've felt like they're not really behind this project, and they're not going to make any effort to help it be seen. Monica McFee's initial voicemail after she saw it was encouraging, but when i had a chance to talk to her, she said some stuff that was... weirdly disjointed.

It reminds me of the this-documentary-is-going-to-set-race-relations-back-50-years series of emails. I'm in a non-paranoid frame of mind right now, but I can remember how it felt when i first got those responses. It sucked. And it shut me down for...

a long time.

In any case, they marked my file to the effect that I had completed my obligation to them, and said that it would premier on the Higher Education Channel (HEC). Speaking of which, I did a search recently of their fall programming, and that's another place that I'd expect to see GUR listed, and it's not. Of course, maybe they've just got too much volume right now, or maybe it's been "misplaced". Again, I'm not sure if that's good or bad if in fact the paranoid side of me is more right than the rest of me.

Do I really want the 30 minute version to be shown that much? Not really. So, count my blessings if it has disappeared.



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