Monday, October 18, 2004

missing post

i noticed today that there's a missing audio blog from Saturday night. So, here's a reminder: you can't just hang up on the audioblog system and assume your message will post.

The content of that post consisted of:
1. reflections on David Rees presentation at Left Bank (he was good, i should invite him to the party)

2. reminder to get the "intoenation" flash cartoon going once GUR is done.

3. reminder that Miles Davis' jam sessions in Japan in the 70s are great, and I should get more of them. (listening to 88.1)

4. reminder to fix the hookah for Michael.

5. Nostalgia about the tower grove neighborhood. I drove past our old apartment, and it really puts me in a state. Supreme nostalgia. I know that California is going to be good, but I so loved living with Jessica in St. Louis. That was a very happy time for me. I miss mike and his dog and the life. The lights in the apartment were on, and a woman was coming out. I just sat and watched in the car. there's nothing to say.

ta ta.


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