Tuesday, October 26, 2004

political dream

The following is an email i sent to a dream researcher who is studying politics in dreams.


Background - Me: 27, male, from St. Louis Missouri. If I'm in the democratic party at all, I'm on the left wing. I volunteered with the Nader campaign in 2000. That said, this year, I've been out canvassing against Bush, trying to turn out votes for Kerry. I am currently in St. Louis, but my heart is in California, where my girlfriend is going to graduate school. I plan to join her in December. Her style is "librarian chic".

The dream - Jessica is going door to door trying to convince people to vote for John Kerry. I am trying to convince her that she should dress like a slut.

my thoughts on it -

1. i'm pretty secure in my relationship, though i have idly wondered about weather or not Jessica has been attracted to people in Cali.

2. lets just say i'm pretty down on the political process. if it weren't so depressing, it would be funny how stupid the mainstream political analysis is, and how wimpy the press is. C'mon! Content and policy get 5% of the attention, presentation style gets 50%, projections of public reception gets 35%, and media navel gazing gets 15%. This is pure stupidity.

The other day, i found myself thinking that if Bush wins, I can no longer believe that the American people have a pulse. I've since revised that. Mostly I just shifted focus, I guess. Now I say to myself: if Bush wins, that just proves that reason and the American "democratic spirit" just can't hold a candle to monopolistic media and the powers of marketing and spin.

3. i had this dream before i started canvassing for Kerry, and I was anxious about it. I'm not much on cold-calling.

Good luck with your research. it sounds lovely!

-Aaron Michels.


An exerpt from his response:


Dear Aaron,

[...] [The dream] about your girlfriend in California, is an interesting mix of personal and political concerns. The provocative clothing is an intriguing detail. This is my projection, of course, but if it were my dream I'd wonder about my own feelings of "prostituting" myself for Kerry, who's certainly better than Bush but is far, far to the right of Ralph Nader. How do I have to change my "natural" political self in order to persuade/seduce other people into voting for Kerry?

I'm curious to know if any of this relates to your experience of the dreams. Thanks again,



my response:

ah... political prostitution... yes. I've whored myself because I'm scared of Bush.


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