Friday, October 22, 2004

skype keeps me alive

hey, for anyone doing a long-distance relationship - skype keeps me
alive. jess and i find ourselves acting like perfect skype commercials
sometimes. VOIP!

okay, but the thing i really wanted to talk about was This American
Life. I read Ira Glass' "manifesto"
recently(, and was happy that
i did. as evidenced by the amount of time it has taken me to finish this
GUR project, I'm in need of a bit of focus. I'm so close to it that I no
longer have a concept of "what is good". conflicting reviews don't help
all that much either.

Advice from Ira Glass helped me think about it better. Echoes of Romy's
advice also come back to me. I think Romy would be a good reporter for
TAL. Anecdote, reflection, plot moves forward, repeat. follow my
interest. keep each stage to a manageable chunk (45-50 sec?). look for
the lucky break, the sudden turn, surprising thought - the pleasure.

What I have now in this first draft is a lot of good phrasing, and an
impressionistic summary of a "generic experience". A confirmation of
what is already known. But my memorable or surprising scenes are too
few, my reflections left to impressionistic, and lost in the
interpretation of video. i need to sway the balance back in the
direction of the anecdote and reflection, away from exposition.

good night all.

ps. the web page is coming along, check it, make comments on the latest
design (at the top).


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