Tuesday, November 09, 2004

B-rollers goodness.

hey - this entry has been delayed because: 1. I was too depressed to move. 2. I went to Chicago to see Joe and be fitted for a traditional Indian suit - to be in his wedding party. Congrats Joe.

So - last thursday I went to the B-rollers meeting, and the presenter that night was a guy named Richard Zimmerman, who had made this piece about his attempt to make it to Hollywood. He called it "Journal", and it was a series of very personal vignettes. It was really good. It mixed documentary with fiction and was very CameraAware. very interesting. It was also totally beautiful. All done with a really cheap camera and iMovie. I really liked his recognition of his target audience - when he showed it, he said he never really figured that many people would see it. He had made it for himself, and thought a couple friends would see
it as well as maybe his kids one day. YES!

I think i wrote here recently that I should have my intended audience as my grandkids. That's the best way I've thought of so far to be honest about what's going on around me. Especially since this election, I've felt like I have no idea who the American audience really is. So it's folly to try and construct something that makes sense to a projected audience type. Or maybe I'm just doubting myself in a new way? Hmmm.

In any case, I have hopes that this realization can help me finish things FOR MYSELF. Because in the end I need to be happy with it in order to release it.

The other thing I really liked about Journal was the way it depicted internal issues. It went into more fictionalized shooting at different points to show what he was thinking. This to me is a really interesting kind of documentary. Because how do you depict a thought process? And
isn't that what journaling is about? It's boring to sit in front of a camera and say "I had this thought". And totally enlightening to show it with images and metaphor - but that involves a complete fictionalization. A documentary about an internal process _must be_ subjective. In this world, what is the difference between fact and fiction? It's a projected honesty or integrity of the reporting.

ah - good.


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