Tuesday, December 21, 2004

going back to cali

okay, last post till the new year, i'm moving to California tomorrow,
and stopping on the way for 2 Xmas celebrations.

To sum up 2004:

  • jess and I moved in together
  • finished GUR short edition
  • STL TAI CHI CHAMPION - (beginning student division)
  • minor breakdown when struggling with CALOP
  • last summer at Camp Maddox
  • jess and 1/2 of me moved to Cali
  • minor breakdown when legally threatened over GUR portrayal
  • GP died
  • George Bush sucked (and continues)
  • Kerry sucked harder (and didn't continue)
  • Camp Maddox was sold
  • Jess and I got engaged
  • post for PEAR looks good - yay! a job that pays money!
  • I'm ready to finish GUR long edition - it's much better, but back

that's it. happy holidays.



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