Saturday, December 04, 2004

GUR update -

it's a good thing that I haven't written here in some time. That means I'm not procrastinating. The past couple of weeks have been very good to me, and the GUR project is going to be 10x better as a result.

Why, you ask? My sister rocks. not only has she kicked my ass into gear, but she's helped me rewrite some crucial bits so that now they don't make me cringe. Cringing is something that really hurts forward progress. It's the number one cause of creative blocks. just so you know.

Other developments - the struggle I was having with the footage about which i was chastised? attacked? ... has been... unresolved, but it's reached a point where I'm no longer supposed to investigate. The complaining party has either become more comfortable with it, or has realized that I can't investigate without causing as much damage as the alleged allegations. So, it has been put to rest. Most likely that
footage will remain in the final piece.

I'm working well these days. My current deadline of December 21st rapidly approaches. If I'm not done by then, i'm okay with that, because i know i'm on the right track now, and if festival planning, audio tweaks, web page, and pre-screenings have to wait until a St. Louis visit in the spring, that's okay. Because this project is ending. And ending well. And that is a blessing.

It's saturday night - back to work.



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