Sunday, December 05, 2004

ross mcElwee

saw Ross McElwee today. It was nice. He has the advantage of being great on camera - very articulate, not fake, affable, good looking, charming.

-some notes-

  • his shooting ratios are really low - 10:1 to 15:1 Oh MY GOD!
  • his budgets are also small - ~$90,000 for Six O'Clock News. Typical 1hr Doc for PBS ~$600,000
  • His writing process involves watching his footage and free associating on a laptop as he watches.
  • dangers of autobiography - solipsism, narcissism.
  • He didn't get releases for most of the shooting he's done. no location releases, only releases from individuals when he remembered. the distributors just require that he lies to them and take responsibility for any problems.

in regard to the lack of releases and legal worries - HIS TOPICS TYPICALLY DO NOT INCITE ANGER!

that's a disadvantage I have.


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