Sunday, January 30, 2005

3rd thought, etc.

after i had made it into the city proper, and continued to think about how strange it is to return to this city (and feel again the particular vibe of this city, after having not thought about it for so long), i started again feeling the energy that new york is so famous for. The game gives you energy. everyone here is gaming something. that's what it feels like to me anyway.

imagine you're usually just a kinda mopey kid, and then one day you decide to strut around like a... oh, i don't care what, just something that struts. there's an accompanying surge of energy. that, to me, is like new york. i wonder if struting is addictive? it turns out it's not for me, but i wonder if that's what's going on with the fabled "allure" of this city.

i mentioned it to jess tonight, saying that i was happy not to be living here anymore, and she agreed about the "allure". it doesn't cast its spell over her either. i got me a good'un.


oh. one other thing: i highly recommend the mass email. last week i wrote a mass email to all kinds of people who i'd unintentionally lost touch with. it's great to hear from all the old folks! now i'm looking forward to seeing a lot of old friends in new york. even in SPAM there's a goodness. if you got my spam and have now stumbled on this blog, write me! i write back!


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