Tuesday, March 29, 2005

interactions with nature (and Formac)


jess and I just got back from a stroll through the dessert. for her spring break we took a trip through Anza Borrego and Joshua tree, and on the way back stopped in LA to see my cousin and visit the Museum of Jurassic Technology.

We had heard tell of how spectacular the desert wildflowers were this year. to be frank, there's only so much time that I can look a wildflowers and be impressed. There certainly were a lot of them, but i felt like a bored tourist. Anza Borrego particularly just didn't have that "spectacular" feel to it. the terrain didn't provoke GLORY in me for some reason. Joshua Tree was nicer. in some places the flowers were so dense that it really did bathe an area in color. That was nice. But nicer still was the backdrop of the Joshua Tree terrain. The rock formations there are just so impressive. I kept dreaming of playing among the rocks like i did when i was a kid.

That bit was kinda depressing, because i don't really have that relationship with boulders anymore. I see a clump of boulders that might form a nice little hiding spot underneath them, but i no longer have the desire (like i did when I was little), to climb into every nook and explore it fully. hiking is cool, but honestly, this trip i feel like i was missing some of that primal connection to nature. I guess there's no surprise in that. I spend most of my time in front of this infernal contraption. I felt like i needed more of a sense of purpose in my interactions. Surfing is a much better nature interaction for me. sunsets too. but desert wildflowers didn't do it for me. Sad. where is my sense of wonder these days?

I got more into the Museum of Jurassic Technology. mind games hold my attention better, it seems, than Creation with a capital "C".


On my return to Santa Cruz, my computer had been repaired from the damage caused by the STUDIO TVR put out by Formac. A warning - If my experience is anything to judge by, don't use the StudioTVR. Twice it had a power supply problem, back-coupled, and burned out my firewire ports. I went through 2 Logic boards that way. It sucked. Formac's customer support is also terrible. They owe me a week of work and 2x repair costs. It also burned out connected firewire drives (the disks were fine but the ports were dead).

Diagnostics on firewire ports, tho they may be considered "mind games" do not hold my interest even as much as wildflowers. Nor does Formac provoke GLORY in any sense.


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