Wednesday, April 13, 2005

belated and preemptive defense of Growing Up Racial

To the black man at the screening, nearly a year ago, of the first version of Growing Up Racial, who said, as a not-so-constructive criticism, "I'm not interested in your white perspective," and to the future criticisms that will come in this vein, the following is both a belated and a preemptive response:

If there is a locus of the denial about race problems in this country, it is in the white suburban male. My documentary INTENTIONALLY focuses on that locus more so than on the black perspective.

note to self: I need to be unapologetic about this. I'm only sensitive about it because in my early experiences, I learned that only black people could speak openly about race. This one-sidedness is one of the big problems with the "race dialogue".


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