Sunday, April 03, 2005


looking into Consciousness Studies programs today. Got sidetracked looking at Koans:
The Turtle in the Garden - A monk saw a turtle in the garden of Daizui's monastery and asked the teacher, 'All beings cover their bones with flesh and skin. Why does this being cover its flesh and skin with bones?' Master Daizui took off one of his sandals and covered the turtle with it.

and mockeries :
Two sages were standing on a bridge over a stream.
One said to the other, "I wish I were a fish. They are so happy."
The other replied, "How do you know whether fish are happy or not? You're not a fish."
The first said, "But you're not me, so how do you know whether or not I know how fish feel?"
The other thought for a moment and replied, "Because I was a fish in my previous life."
The first scowled at him. He said, "then you wouldn't mind if I threw you off this bridge, would you?"

At that moment, the first sage attained enlightenment.
He told the other sage what had happened.
"Yeah, I attained enlightenment too," the other sage said. He was lying.


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