Monday, June 20, 2005


the course on Consciousness started out a bit rough. Turns out the course has a pretty brain-sciencey/materialistic outlook. I wish that I could find a course that had the brain-science, but didn't come at it from the angle of "okay, now which dongle is the consciousness?".

Still, as folks have pointed out to me, it will be good for me to get some exposure to that side of this thing to flesh out my understandingof how this field works.

the discussion groups that are working from the texts we've been reading are pretty good though. People are coming from shockingly differentbackgrounds. Sometimes I can't tell if people are writing consumer-culture radically materialistic diatribes, or writing Buddhist social satire:

I don't understand this bit about "the state of waiting for a desire." I have lots of desires--I'm in a constant state of wanting and striving to get what I want. I couldn't care less if my desires are "authentic" or not. The only problem in life is getting--and the more I get the happier I am. If you have a problem conjuring up desires go to the mall, read travel brochures or look through the Sharper Image catalogue.
Okay, okay, this time it's pretty clear which... maybe the poster works for Sharper Image, or is in the travel industry?


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