Monday, June 20, 2005

homeless people have beemers

hey - i forgot to write this one down when i heard it -

Jessica and I were recently talking to a friend of mine about the privatization of social security. He's majoring in economics and day-trades for fun. Anyway, I mentioned the inevitability of some people losing on the stock market and how the lack of a safety net for themcould cause a huge rise in the number of elderly homeless.

He said that social security subsidizes beggars who make about $60/hr anyway. why should he pay their BMW payments? Jess and I were dumbstruck. We asked him why he thought beggars had beemers, and he said he knew they did. He claimed to have seen someone who had been begging get up, pick up their hat from the ground, pull out their keys and driveaway in a BMW.

I think that once you say something like that, it's hard to back down from it. Jessica and I were in shock, and maybe that made him cling tothat line even more.

I don't understand where this shit comes from. Is it Limbaugh or something?


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