Sunday, August 21, 2005

the ecology of social organizations.

i just want to remember to write more on that idea later.


oh yeah, I also wanted to mention the show at UPN. a few of the other crew and i had a good talk about it on thursday, which felt great, because it made me realize that I wasn't the only one with serious problems with the show. I first summarized it as 'nepotism gone bad',
but it goes beyond that.

my initial fear that the guests wouldn't be quality has proved ill founded. the guests are fine. i'm not sure that they all have an appeal beyond st. louis, but the guests are great. it's the format (as a friend pointed out) and the hosts that have problems. Okay, let me correct that slightly. neither host is informed about the guests they have on, but despite that, one host does an okay job, the other one just acts dumb and can be pretty offensive. it's prettyweird.

frankly, I find it to be slightly embarrassing programming, but hey, it's good experience, and I don't really feel like I'm doing harm to anyone by producing crap media because I have no doubt that this show is going to die by it's own hand. Either that, or change so drastically
that it might actually be better, and then i'll re-evaluate.

i'm enjoying doing some studio shooting and getting paid for it, so i don't really mind that it's crap right now. maybe eventually i would, but so far, i don't care. it's a fun environment, maybe more so because the product sucks. sometimes you can learn a lot by seeing something
done the wrong way.

UCHS reunion

i just went to my high-school reunion (ten years!) tonight and last night. it was a lot more fun that i would have expected. most of the weird 'i-don't-belong-here' feeling was gone. the only time i got that vibe was from a few white people who were more integrated during high-school than i was.

friday was better than tonight, but tonight was still a lot of fun. Claire disputed that I'm a different person than i was in high school,but i still feel that way.

I was able to project the video that I've got of our graduation that got rained out. i'm glad that i was able to do that. i think people enjoyed it.

it's kind of strange the way a reunion breaks the previously entrenched social barriers. People that I'm sure i never talked to in high school are like a new cool discovery. For the next reunion, I'd like to remember Jamila Owens. she was really 'neat' - toronto, med school - i don't remember ever talking to her in high school.

what else?

I started looking at the 'Growing Up Racial' documentary again briefly this week, and boy does it suck. i don't know what to do with this thing. Last time I was working on it i thought that if i changed the tone of the autobiographical bits, then it could be okay, but i'm starting to doubt that. oh dear.

oh yeah - i can't believe i forgot this - there was an anonymous call that the class reunion organizers got where there was a shooting threatened if they held the 'family day' part of the reunion tomorrow. Someone called and said that if the family part was held, the caller would "show up shooting". So there was the question posed, did people still want to go to family day, and if so, did they want it to be held in the planned venue? Most people said to just go ahead with it. I didn't express an opinion, because I didn't plan to go sunday anyway, but as far as I could see, a threatened shooting was even more reason not to go. I'm not particularly worried, as it sounds more like a prank than anything. I mean, what's the point of that? It's too random. And who would it be that they'd have something out for a whole class?