Thursday, September 29, 2005

alpaca revisited

you know, Jorge could have easily run over the alpaca in his Jeep, and some part of me thinks that would fit the bill for a more 'humane' action. But there's another part of me that really rejects it.

there's just no respect in it. even the belt would have lacked dignity. this brings up more difficult questions. there can be dignity in suffering. and dignity in euthanasia. How does one recognize which is which? if you are preemptive in using euthanasia couldn't you rob a being of facing death? but if you leave a being to an eventual death then don't they risk dying in confused misery? Maybe it's like defining 'indecency' - you know it when you see it. you know respect for death, and the process of dying when you are in its presence.

I find myself once again pondering living wills. This time I'm also thinking about seppuku, which is an added twist.

ah well.


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