Saturday, October 22, 2005

not many posts lately...

There haven't been many posts lately, and I guess that's because I've gotten a bit busier. I'm now working as a teaching assistant for UCSC for a course entitled "FILM 171E: The Structure of Hollywood". It's being taught by an entertainment lawyer from LA.

It's an interesting course, and a good class to ease me back into academics - the prof is very 'real-world', not to say anti-theory. It's also getting me out of the house, too. which is very good. not so good for a timely completion of PEAR work, but thank goodness they are such nice people.

I got hired a week late into the semester so there was some ketchup to play, but now I'm settled down again.

Also - bus strikes suck. It's been difficult getting to and from campus with the bus strike that's been going on, and the way UCSC clamps down on car traffic (though they have created financial incentives for picking up hitch-hikers, which is great).


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