Friday, August 25, 2006

demo reel.

i'm surprised I haven't had to put one of these together before now, but I guess I wasn't looking for jobs much either. In any case, I'm doing a bit of a job hunt at the moment while I consider weather or not to continue "independent" projects. I'd like a more social and active environment than my home-office.

anyway, here's a stab at a demo reel...



Blogger kate said...

Looks great. The only thing I'd recommend is upping the contrast of the title typeface on the reel itself -- your name and stats are legible but when those credits roll at the end of the first section it's nearly impossible to read (on my screen, anyway).

meanwhile, loved seeing various teachers in that trailer for growing up racial -- are you done with that? is that online someplace? looking forward to it...

and finally, as someone who is also looking for a new job, for reasons that include needing to get the hell out of my own home office and into a non-virtual professional environment, i say best of luck with the hunt. i definitely underestimated the importance of that social factor, and after 2 years working without it, i'm a mess (lol, you saw me recently. i can barely string a sentence together). "people need people, steve." It's true.

10:21 PM  
Blogger aaron said...

thanks for the note, kate - I'll up the typeface... also - nobody would ever know that you spend most of your life in virtual-office isolation. or maybe I just think that because I also have a pasty green computer-tan.

As for Growing Up Racial... It is available in its first incarnation at the U. City Library, i showed it a couple of times, and it was shown on the HEC. i'm not mailing it out, as any effort that goes into it will be on incarnation number two, which will just be web-based, and cut into different chunks. incarnation number three (which is just a glimmer in my eye right now) would return to the standard documentary format, but it has new story elements that are as yet undiscovered.

7:22 AM  
Blogger nonamedstar said...

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10:40 AM  

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