Monday, January 08, 2007

BBC and the PEAR Proposition

Apparently Yoko Ono recently commissioned a piece on the PEAR lab for the BBC. Her producer did some shoddy edits on my interview material from the PEAR Proposition and then introduced the material himself. Of note: I get no mention. Neither does the product (for sale here) that he lifted most of his material from.

Take a listen to the BBC's piece. Everything that's not Brenda or the producer is directly from the PEAR Prop (~30%). As I understand it, he didn't go to the lab, so his descriptions of the scene are also from the DVD. I would have loved it if he had approached this as a review of an educational release instead of as "journalism". As is, it makes me sad.

In light of the recent unexpected resurrection of GUR, and other things, I find myself in a disturbed state of mind. What is going on here?

Growing Up Racial - surprise appearance

Nearly a year ago, I thought I was revitalizing that project. As it turns out, I didn't. But over Christmas break, it made a surprise resurgence. A neighbor told me he had seen it either on the IFC or Sundance Channel. I believe him, because he proceeded to describe it to me. This surprises me, because I never heard anything about this.

It was my understanding that the Higher Education Channel would debut the 30 min version and had the rights to play it a couple times, but I had assumed they had played it in 2003. (I didn't have cable at the time (and now, once again, I don't). I've searched the web-sites for all three and have seen no mention. Odd. Who played my material? And why didn't the tell me? This is something I need to figure out in the next couple of weeks.

Part of me wants the short 30 min version to be buried, never to be exhumed, but that's the same part of me that insists that someday I'm going to revisit and finish the project. Who knows what I really want?

Well, well, well.

Another new year, so here's a long overdue update:
  • I messed up my rt. ankle while camping in Yosemite.
  • Jess and I moved to Oakland because Jess got a job at the Bay Area Discovery Museum. (address is new, phone is the same).
  • the 1 min video I made for/with Joe Uhl screened at the Film Arts Foundation's 30th anniversary party as one of the top 10.
  • I'm working part time to help editing along on a documentary about victims of unexploded ordnance in Vietnam.
  • The compost video is done, and better than I thought it would be. Not yet in distribution though.
  • is really cool. Jessica and I made a wedding album with it. The product is better than you imagine it will be.
  • Other things are still in a sort of "behind the scenes" limbo which may change my life drastically, or may just be a depressing episode.
Things I'm looking forward to:
  • I seem to be in a prime location for bonsai and tai chi. The Oakland Chinatown is VIBRANT. I think my ankle's just about good enough to make tai chi possible again, so I'm looking forward to that.
  • Jess enrolled me in a class that is going to make sure that I work out the next variation in the light sculpture projects (opaque objects). I've also got some better ideas for materials for the semi-transparent objects. Anyone nearby want to be the subject of a sculptural portrait?
  • I'm going to be an -ee this year. Not an -er. This has been my mom's suggestion since Alicia and I were small: Be an employee. So, I'm not going to start any major self-employment activities this year, and instead will dedicate myself to "OPP" (other people's projects). I'm still wrapping some old stuff up, and for most of the spring, I will be only part time employed outside of the house.