Friday, February 09, 2007

PEAR lab closing

Well, the days of the PEAR lab are now truly numbered. They're scheduled to close on February 28th. The New York Times just put out an article on it. So I think there's going to be a flurry of media on this - some folks have mentioned that yesterday's Oprah had some mention of PEAR-related concepts, though from what I saw about it, it looked like self-helpish stuff with not much tie-in.

Anyway, this press splurge means that I'm putting up a web page again.

I'm headed to the lab for the closure. I'll be picking up some more footage for the eventual documentary of which the PEAR lab will be a part (but not the singular central element).

Although I'm picking up this footage at the end of the month, I'm not going to go full steam on this doc any time soon. Not going to rush into it. I'm still following the freelance plan for this year. Still, I've been turning over ideas for that doc in my head, and I think it will mostly be about belief and the cynical mind. Possible other themes: growing up and out of and the magical thinking of childhood. Animism. The working title "The Science of Disbelief" occurred to me, but perhaps it's not doing to well in my focus groups... what do you think?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Aaron,

I came across the PEAR project and your video about it from, in an article called Eccentric Engineering.

What you've done is very interesting to me, though I've only seen a few minutes of footage. The reason is that I thought their research might provide insight into the law of attraction, aka The Secret, which is what was talked about on Oprah (and Larry King and a bunch of others lately).

It sounds like you weren't impressed, but we are (my partner and I), and we've been studying everything we can find that relates to the topic. In our experience, understanding how a person's thoughts and emotions create reality has been quite beneficial for us (I own a small design company but started as a freelancer; my partner's a real estate agent). It's really just controlling your focus, framing it with a set of actions and things to consider -- the same way empirical research has a set of rules, or developing a business plan, setting goals, even casting a spell. It's all about daydreaming in detail and then structuring your process to get a result.

I'm sorry they closed the lab. The timing is funny, given all the recent interest coming from The Secret DVD, which was released less than a year ago. The info has been around for many years, but the video made it real for me. There's a 20-minute segment on Google, if you want to check it out.

I'll probably buy your video, but wonder if it will have what I'm looking for.

I guess I'm writing to suggest you might want to look into the Secret and see how it relates to your PEAR video, and your freelance work. More and more people are studying the law of attraction and practicing the processes because you actually see some amazing results. Like me going from freelance (6 years) to hiring staff and doubling my studio's income (last year).

For me it's not so much self-helpful, what I can get for me, though some people do stop there. My thinking is that the more people know and practice this philosophy, the greater the potential for an evolution in human consciousness. Some people say, oh things are so bad, but really, there's a lot less slavery and cannibalism in the world today than just 100 years ago. It is possible for us as a species to see war in the same way, as something perverse and completely unacceptable.


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