Friday, March 21, 2008

more oil settling & delivery

clean veg-oil pumps up to this tank

Well, I finally finished (?) the oil settling/delivery system, and it took some time. I was really excited about the hand-crank pumps, because they're bright red, and made of cast iron, so they feel awesome. BUT they're leaky, and they don't have standard pipe fittings! (what??!?! yes. i couldn't believe it either.) So I couldn't make an airtight delivery sytem. With a constant source of air in the lines, only short distances would work - ie from the settlers to the clean tank. So I ended up moving the clean tank to the highest point, and the oil flows to the car by gravity (siphon) alone. In the first picture, you can see the pump that moves the oil to the sock-filter which is fitted into the top of the "CLEAN" barrel. The photo below shows the oil gravity-feeding into the car at the curb.

vegetable oil siphoning to the gas tank

At some point, I may mount a hand pump at the end of the fueling line so that I can speed it along (if the clean tank is low, it can take 40 min to fill the tank by siphon). But I'm not going to do that right now.


Blogger aaron said...

older related post here.

9:21 PM  
Blogger Maia Dobson said...

It's odd that the oil settling that has just been delivered to you has leaks. Anyway, if you oil tank cleaning services, i could always recommend to you my trusted company.

3:25 AM  
Anonymous Fomblin Y - vac 3 grease said...

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Blogger aaron said...

The gravity feed was super slow. So, later, I put the second hand-crank pump at the end of the fueling line, so that the air getting in at the pump didn't matter. I had to make sure that the pump mounted securely at the car so that I could crank, because a cast-iron pump is pretty heavy.

9:31 AM  

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