Thursday, May 22, 2008

old photo imports - abandoned libraries

hi all.

Yeah, so my digital still camera died a while back, and so I didn't have photos to go with a whole lot of photo-necessary posts, but I finally put them up and out.

Anyway, as I was going through an old photo card, I also came across some photos I took while I was scouting a location for the Wholphin shoot. I loved this location but the Oakland Film Office said I'd need to pay for a police escort to use it, and that's not really my style. But I still really wanted to share this space with folks in some way.

So! These photos are of the Miller Avenue branch library that's been closed for quite a while. It's really a haunting space to be in. I felt like I could still hear the whispers, and feel the ghosts of the books.

Even though it seemed like it was sealed off (no sign of forced entry, as the police said), somehow the whole place got tagged multiple times. There were also a bunch of files that somehow got left there, and scattered everywhere. Plus it has beautiful light.

Anyway, when I found these photos languishing on a memory stick, it kinda reminded me of the library itself, and the files abandoned there.

I wish I could learn the lesson of abandonment. In some ways, it takes the pressure off. Like reincarnation. If I could just manage to really believe in reincarnation, I think I'd be happier.

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