Friday, September 16, 2011

A Chump Like a Candle (video)

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Inverting Shell Lamps (videos)

Hey, here are the videos of the Inverting Shell Lamps. This first one is double layered (you can see the heat-join in each strip if you look closely). I made this after my first attempt at the single layer was a bit on the delicate side. I wanted to see if thickening the dimensions still resulted in a pleasing form, and I think it still did.

This second one is actually returning to the original size strip. It's still pretty delicate, so I don't think I'll make many of these unless I can tweak it a bit in its installation location. It has much less structure than the 2-ply version, which makes hang really differently. I really like the way it sags into a sort of pear-ish form. it continues the organic feel in a really nice way.

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Saturday, September 03, 2011

A Chump Like a Candle

Hello. Here is the pellucid I finished in May or so. This image to the left is the "intended" viewing angle. Below I've put a multi-anlge (unlit) composite as well.

This piece took me forever. I was trying to figure out a way to get away from using virgin foam. I got a bunch of oddly shaped foam bits from a local "Foam Factory" (they cut foam for packaging and pillows and things). My efforts to use them piecemeal weren't coming out quite the way I wanted, so I had the brilliant idea of cutting the scrap to uniform square dimensions and then just varying the length of the stick.

I thought this could be a quick way of standardizing the production, and then I could work quickly, but damn! Some time you should try holding all the pixels in an image together physically; it can be a challenge, especially if you refuse to introduce any foreign materials into the mix. I didn't want to do that because this piece is made of polyethylene, which is basically you standard milk-jug plastic which means that it's totally recyclable. Not that I particularly want to recycle it, but I kinda liked keeping the material in a cradle-to-cradle kind of purity. Nothing but polyethylene, and minimal wiring to hang the light behind it.

So anyway, after first standardizing the dimensions, I then had to cut the pixel-lengths, then I had to build frameworks to keep them in place until I thought it was ready enough to heat-fuse together. Sheesh. I won't be doing that again. The pixels were fairly coarse in the end, and I ended up do some shaping of each individual pixel. It was a lot of work!

While I really like the topographic sculptural nature of this piece, the imbedded image is a lot harder to read than my earlier pieces. What do you seen in there? In person I hear the same interpretation over and over again, and I'm wondering if you'll see the same thing just seeing an image instead of a 3d object.

In the many hours I worked on this piece I recognized some interesting references in it: Maya Lin, Chuck Close, The Matrix.

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