Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Inverting Shell Lamps (videos)

Hey, here are the videos of the Inverting Shell Lamps. This first one is double layered (you can see the heat-join in each strip if you look closely). I made this after my first attempt at the single layer was a bit on the delicate side. I wanted to see if thickening the dimensions still resulted in a pleasing form, and I think it still did.

This second one is actually returning to the original size strip. It's still pretty delicate, so I don't think I'll make many of these unless I can tweak it a bit in its installation location. It has much less structure than the 2-ply version, which makes hang really differently. I really like the way it sags into a sort of pear-ish form. it continues the organic feel in a really nice way.

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